By Creating Value For Customers and Employees

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  • Unhappy with your business?
  • Spending lots on marketing with no results? 
  • Late hours working on your company, only wasting precious time?
  • Unengaged employees?  
  • Stressed, frustrated, and unfulfilled?
  • Not making as much $$$ as you want?

Stop focusing on unimportant things. You’re about to learn exactly how to solve all the problems your company is facing in just one program.

Introducing: Creating Value. Created for business owners. Learn how to boost your company’s growth by providing value to your customers and employees. 


Your Definition of Success and How Your Company Can Provide That

  • What are Your True Dreams?
  • Your Aspirations and Purpose
  • What Delights You?
  • How Much Revenue Do You Want?
  • What's the Minimum Cash You Need from Your Company?
  • How Fast Can Your Company Grow?
  • What Can You Do to Increase Growth?

 About Your Customers

  • What Customers’ Dreams Can You Fulfill?
  • What Are Your Customers Delights and Pain Points?
  • Customer Survey Planning
  • What Are Your Customers Realistically Willing to Pay?
  • Infallible Pricing Strategy

About your Employees

  • How to Provide What Your Employees Want Most
  • What Increases Your Employees' Satisfaction and Effectiveness
  • How to Use an Employee Survey to Boost Engagement
  • Employee Survey Planning


  • Know exactly what your customers and employees value the most   
  • Prioritize your opportunities by the value created    
  • Focus your company on exactly what you want it to achieve
  • Take the steps toward your path to success

Low on sales, struggling with employees, or frustrated with your company?

The Creating Value Program will teach you how to prioritize what’s most important while making the right decisions and creating value for EVERYONE.

Look, here's a simple example of what I'm talking about:

Unhappy Employees = TERRIBLE Service

Terrible Service = Unhappy Customers


Unhappy Employees + Unhappy Customers = Unhappy Owners

And here’s where I come in! 

When employees aren’t happy, productivity decreases. You end up losing your best employees while the worst stay and create a toxic work environment. Replacing a single employee costs 20% of their salary. 

Companies with good employee engagement have:

    22% more profitability

    21% more productivity

    Lower staff turnover

    37% less absenteeism

    41% fewer quality defects

You get what you value when you provide value to others. Want your business to succeed?  Provide great value to both your customers and to employees.

IMAGINE what would happen if you provide THAT value to them! You can expect better customer care, better services, more engagement, and more revenue at a lower cost of time and money! Besides, your employees will be happy to work with you!

And what if you knew exactly what your customers want?

The same applies to your customers. And YES! You can provide value to them both. There are certain techniques we’ll go through in the program, so you can find out which ones work for YOUR specific niche and type of business.

But, what about you?

People think that if an owner is profiting, it has to be taken from customers and employees. Wrong! Getting value means giving value. That’s because owners, customers, and employees all want the same and your company is the meeting point. 


This can be summarized in the three D's, a concept I created to explain this phenomenon.


This course guides you step by step to identify, measure, and increase the value to you, your customers, and your employees. 

Are you ready to make a real impact?

Know EXACTLY What Your Customers and Employees Want

There's only one way to know - you gotta ask - and I'll make that easy

Guessing what your customers and employees want wastes your time and money. You may think you know what they want but you likely have blind spots.

There's one way to find out what they want: ASK.

I'll make that easy. I'll help you prepare for a customer survey. You have the option for me to host the survey as a power tool on my website for you so you don't have to be a computer guru!

Want the same powerful insights for your employees? You can add an employee survey to the program.

“You own your company to serve YOU and fulfill YOUR dreams and not for you to serve your company…"  - Rob Stephens


It’s time to transform your business and provide more value so YOU can get more value too!

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Course!

    • How to use this course

  2. 2
    • How Do You Create Value?

    • The Three D's Each Group Wants

    • The Three D's Summary and Worksheet

  3. 3
    • What are Your Dreams?

    • Owner Aspirations and Purpose Worksheet

    • What Delights You?

    • Owner Delight Worksheets

    • How Many Dollars Do You Want/Need?

    • Minimum Distribution Calculator

    • The Sustainable Growth Rate

    • Sustainable Growth Rate Calculator

  4. 4
    • Customer Dreams

    • What Dreams Do You Fulfill?

    • Customer Delight

    • Customer Survey Planning Worksheet

    • Your Customers Willing to Pay?

    • Pricing Strategy Workbook

  5. 5
    • Employee Dreams

    • Employee Dreams Worksheet

    • Employee Delight

    • Employee Delight Worksheet

    • Employee Dollars

    • Employee Dollars - Benchmarking

    • Total Compensation Worksheet Template

    • The Employee Survey

    • Employee Survey Planning Worksheet

  6. 6
    • Identify the Top Priority Projects

    • Start, Stop, Continue Worksheet

    • Create a Task List for the Top Three Projects

    • Project and Task Worksheets

    • Optional: Prioritization Pack

    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard

  7. 7
    • Congrats!

    • Help Me Improve This Course