Have you ever had these struggles?

  • My company isn’t producing the cash flow/profits that I want.
  • I feel like I’m reacting rather than achieving the goals of a clear strategy and plan.
  • I don’t know where all the cash is going.
  • I’m constantly being distracted from focusing on the key path to my company’s success.
  • I don’t know what I don’t know. I know I have financial blind spots. And I know they could be fatal to my business.

You're Not Alone

If you have those concerns or any other financial and strategic frustrations, you’re not alone. There are many great business owners who know how to serve their customers but don’t have the financial and strategic tools to build a great business.

We’re so busy working in our businesses that we don’t make the investment into our business planning that leads to clarity, focus, and fulfillment

I've created something completely new to help small business owners like you. I want every business owner to have access to CFO-level financial and strategic insights.

Would you like...

  • Less stress?
  • To confidently and effectively manage your business finances?
  • Clarity on where to take your business and the best way to get there?
  • To focus your company on what you value most?
  • Insights on how to increase profits, purpose, cash flow, and growth?

FAST is a Membership Program That Gives You Access to a Tool Chest of Business Management Tools

Get tools and programs to increase cash flow, improve your company strategy, and create more value for you. You get access to over 100 lessons, 35 downloadable tools, and over a dozen videos and webinars.

Business owners and staff sign up for FAST for resources to improve their company. Business advisors (e.g. coaches, consultants, CPAs, accountants) join FAST to improve their skills and better help their clients. They also refer their clients to FAST. 

Tailored and Trusted Insights

My approach is tailored to the needs of small businesses.

And it works. My methods are focused and effective. You will gain insights and powerful tried and tested tools to help you find your business purpose, design your strategy and make financial decisions with confidence. And my insights are getting some attention.

CFO Perspective has been featured in...

Get Access to All the Programs of CFO Perspective in One Membership

ACE: Strategic Planning for Small Businesses

Small business strategic planning should quickly lead you from defining where you are going to deciding how to get there. Getting there takes a well-built strategy and implementation plan. Get planning and management tools with the basics of how to use them. You get access to this in FAST. Without FAST, this program retails for $145.

Creating Value: Business Success from Shared Value

Helping Business Get What They Value By Creating Value For Customers and Employees

You get what you value when you provide value to others. Business success comes from creating value for owners, customers, and employees. In this program, you'll identify exactly what each of these three groups value and how to increase that value - and your success. You get access to this in FAST. Without FAST, this program retails for $95.

Improve Your Cash Flow

Reduce your stress and capture more opportunities by improving your business’s cash flow. Better cash flow means more growth and more profit.

You get access to the full program in FAST. Without FAST, this program retails for $95.

Entrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Management Basics

Ever wanted all the key things you need to know about building a financially successful business in one place? You get a financial overview of the entrepreneurial journey from startup, to operations, to exit planning

You get full access to this program with FAST. Without FAST, the retail price of this course is $145.

About Me:

I'll be your guide and host in FAST! I’m Rob Stephens, Founder of CFO Perspective, which provides finances and strategy resources to small businesses. 

I was the Chief Financial Officer for multiple companies and Director of Operations at a $3 billion company. As the son and grandson of small business owners, I knew the troubles and struggles of small businesses and decided to offer help. 

And now I'm on a mission to help small businesses. I want you to build the business of your dreams with the plan, knowledge, and tools to achieve what you value most.

Are you a small business advisor?

Are you a coach, consultant, CPA, or accountant that works with small businesses? FAST is popular with advisors like you. You get courses and resources to better serve your clients. You also get special emails with notifications of more advanced education and tools build for advisors like you.

You're Not Alone in FAST

Ask Rob via a short call or email

Most course sites have no one to talk to when you have questions. Business financial management can be confusing. Sometimes all you need are quick tips or someone you trust to point you in the right direction. As a FAST member, you can schedule a quick 15-minute call with me to discuss questions you have about tools or programs in FAST. I don’t replace your business advisors, but I help you understand and apply FAST resources to your business.tion.

The Tools You Need to Improve Your Business

FAST saves you hundreds of dollars and hours of your precious time by giving you access to the tools you need to improve your business

  • Courses

    Over 100 lessons with 14 hours of video and downloadable tools on strategic planning, creating more value with your business, and improving your cash flow and profits.

  • Downloadable Tools

    Over 30 downloadable tools like strategic planning worksheets, a cash flow projection template, and a key performance indicator templates. Can't find the tool you want? Use the Request a Tool feature to ask me to create the tool you need.

  • Videos and Webinars

    Watch over a dozen short videos or webinars on business growth, cash flow planning, and pricing strategies.

Can I give insights from decades of experience and tools to help you make the best decisions for your company?

Special Bonus

A print or Kindle version of my Conquering Cash Flow book

Lack of cash and volatile cash flows cause massive stress for small businesses. I put all my cash flow expertise from years as a CFO into my new book. Learn how to manage your cash better so you can improve your cash flow, increase your profits, grow your business, and reduce your stress.

Over 3,000 people have enrolled in CFO Perspective courses and programs!

Kind Words From People Who Took Courses in the FAST Program

  • "I truly got more than I paid for…I highly recommend CFO Perspective for small business leaders and entrepreneurs."

  • "I was very impressed with this course. It gave a great overview of what cash management is, what metrics are useful, and what strategies are best for different situations. Highly recommend!"

  • "[Rob] covered all bases on how a company can improve and destroy its cash flow position by either effective or ineffective management."

Get the All the Best of CFO Perspective Courses

In FAST, you get many of the resources from these CFO Perspective programs:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards - Retail Price of $145

ACE for FAST: Strategic Planning - Retail Price of $145

Creating Value for FAST: Business Success from Shared Value - Retail Price of $95

Entrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Basics - Retail Price $145

Improve Your Cash Flow - Retail Price of $95

And other courses with a total retail price of $180

That is a total of $805!

FAST gives you access to thousands of dollars of value from all these programs and tools for $290/year.

Lock in Your Rate for Life

No Increases: The rate you start at is the rate you pay for the life of your membership. Lock in this low rate for the life of your membership!

Join with NO RISK!

There is no risk to you. I think you'll be impressed with what you receive, but if you're not, you can quit within the first month. There's way more than $290 of value in FAST. You’ll find $2,900 or even $29,000 of value. Get a full refund in your first 30 days if it's not everything you wanted.

Just a small increase in sales or cash flow will more than cover the price of this membership.

And what about the:

- clarity

- focus

- confidence

- stress reduction

the tools, programs, and services this membership can give you?

Most importantly, you’ll be building the business of your dreams by focusing your business on what you value most.

Join Now to Lock in Your Rate

The price you join at is the price you get for the life of your membership!

P.S. - I want you to achieve your goals. I want to help you better run your business. Join the inner circle of membership where you get access to the financial insights to better run your business.

I wish you success. And I wish you well.